Doug Wells

Doug’s classic, yet modern, design aesthetic combined with his innate sense of scale, proportion and balance allow him to create spaces that are both livable and relevant.

An acclaimed Stylemaker by Indulge Magazine, Doug has brought his distinct vision to homes both nationally and internationally for nearly two decades.

The combination of a BFA in Interior Architecture & Design and a Masters in Counseling gives Doug the unique ability to interpret and merge his clients’ needs and desires with those of their homes. His proficiency in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a space with a clear view of its potential enables him to bring his clients dreams to life.

The ability to enter a space and envision it completely transformed without the aid of pen and paper is a singular talent, and one that enables Doug to see the potential where others do not. He creates spaces that are truly better than his clients ever thought possible and that they can enjoy for years to come.

Aesthetically agile, Doug respects the character and integrity of spaces while simultaneously envisioning their ultimate transformation. His vision is informed by travels in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and he enjoys bringing the best of the world to his clients.

A custom-designed home is truly more than the sum of its parts-it is the culmination of thousands of decisions, large and small, that ultimately create a superlative space for living. Meticulous care is given to how spaces are actually used and lived in, providing clients with an ease and comfort in their daily lives that few have experienced.